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Imagine being a single mother, active in the military. The housing allowance you’re given isn’t enough to cover the cost of rent in the area. Not to mention, the price of childcare is the same amount as keeping a roof overhead for you and your daughter. This was my reality almost a decade ago. It is the reason I began side hustling as a virtual assistant. I combined my experience in personnel, operations, and project management to tackle back-end tasks for small businesses.  At the time, the extra income was a necessary resource to make ends meet. These days I’ve built an agency of my own, where we take business owners and soulpreneurs from chaos to clarity.

Now more than ever, the collective acknowledges that hustle and grind can quickly turn to burnout and fatigue.  As an Intuitive Online Business Manager and Coach, I work with those who seek to be purposefully aligned while turning a profit.  I utilize my internal guidance system to custom build a business that corresponds with your highest self.  What does my inner guidance have to do with entrepreneurship, you ask? Well, it is my sixth sense that hears what you may not be verbally saying, plucking your pain points right at the root of the issue.

Whaley Virtual Solutions cares about what’s important to you and what you value most. Is it allowing for more customer interface? Do you wish to work less and spend more time with family? How about finally taking a much-needed vacation? Along with building the mindset, we assemble the systems, tools, and automation necessary, providing freedom to operate in your zone of genius and do what lights you up inside while scaling your business and maintaining long-term success.

Meet Founder & CEO:
Tye Whaley


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Client Testimonials

I'm new to the business world, as well as apprehensive to what I needed to do in order to get a business going. Along the way, through your assistance and programs, we have not only gotten my business up, running and established, but also I've gained some valuable business education along the way. I know there's a great resource out there with your company when I need further knowledge and assistance. Thank you're very much for all that your services have helped me accomplish. 

Joshua, W.


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