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Are you Chasing or Pursuing?

Let’s take a minute to address the elephant in the entrepreneurial world: Chasing the dollar, instead of attracting dreams clients. This is especially true for service providers and entrepreneurs who don’t offer a physical service. Sometimes it feels like you have no choice but to participate in the chase in order to achieve results, but trust me, there is a more effective method than chasing, Attracting!!

We’ve all heard it before, attract your dream clients, attract money, attract your dream life. But as entrepreneurs, we have fooled ourselves into believing the only way to get a dollar is to chase a dollar. So, we chase down leads, we sell in the DMs (even though we all secretly hate when people try to sell in our DMs), and we become attached to the outcome. Sometimes we become so attached to the outcome that we are unable to move on to other projects while we wait to see how things turn out. We become overly invested in things that don’t yield results, then we become frustrated and wonder why things aren’t working.

The worse part, we don’t just do this in business, we end up doing this in all areas of life. Business, money, love, family, relationships, dreams, everything! We end up chasing what we want instead of mindfully and strategically pursuing them and then we fail to see the difference between the chase and pursuance. Chasing comes from an energy of fear, doubt, and lack. But pursuing, that comes from an energy of confidence, knowledge, determination, and faith, and it leads to you attracting exactly what you need and desire.

When you pursue something, you have to have faith in yourself and your goals. You have faith in the outcome. When you believe in yourself and you KNOW that you are going to get to the finish line, you are no longer chasing, you are pursuing. You are doing things to work towards your goals. You know that you can “pitch” to a prospective client, put your services out there for everyone to see, and move on to the next task so you can help another client, which is one of the reasons you started your business in the first place.

Everyone wants to talk about making the money, and getting clients, but not the key to how that’s achieved. The only way to get anything you want in life is to attract it. But attracting doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing and waiting for things to fall into your lap. Attracting means pursuing what you want in a meaningful way and becoming so detached from the outcome because you KNOW that what is meant for you is going to come to you, but also knowing and understanding that what doesn’t come to you, was never meant for you in the first place.

When we are in an energy of attracting, we bring in wonderful clients, have more than enough money for everything we want, we build meaningful relationships, and we never have to participate in the chase to get any of those things.

You get to decide, what are you going to do today, attract or chase?

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