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Building Legacies in 2023

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration!

As we step into another new year and you are finalizing and thinking about all your big life and business goals for 2023, I want you to think about making this the year of your legacy. Instead of just focusing on goals, intentions, and New Year’s Resolutions, start thinking about your LEGACY and what that means to you.

Are your goals and intentions aligned with building a legacy for yourself, your family, and future generations? Everyone always talks about building their empire, but what about building your legacy?

Empires are temporary, even if they last your entire lifetime and maybe even a few generations to follow, they can be easily forgotten and just as easily lost. When I think about an empire, I think about material things in life. The physical items and money we busted our butts to earn just to be passed down to the next generation. If we are lucky, some of those things have sentimental value.

Legacies on the other hand are much larger than that. They have the potential to last for generations to come and they aren’t always just material objects. Legacies are built from the way we do life, who we are to our core, and the values we pass down to the next generation. Legacies are about breaking generational curses and teaching our children and grandchildren how to have grit and make it on their own if they were to lose everything and had to start over today. Building a legacy is about laying a strong foundation and building the walls for everyone that will follow you.

I’m not telling you to throw out your New Year’s Resolutions or goals, I’m telling you to change your purpose for your resolution and goals. Focus on your Legacy in 2023 and don’t worry, as you build your legacy, your empire will come.

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