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Overnight Success Stories Are a Lie!

I’m just going to say it: The overnight success story is a lie!! (Even when it’s not!) Those overnight success stories usually happened after many failures. Failed businesses, ideas that never made it past paper, failed partnerships, and businesses that went under.

We like to believe that the overnight success story is the whole story, but it rarely ever is! We become successful because we learned from our mistakes, we learned what didn’t work so can figure out what does work. Stop basing your success on part of the story and comparing yourself to the success of others without also taking into account their failures!!

I had my FIRST failed business in my early twenties, (yes, you read that correctly, FIRST), it was a graphic, I don’t what, all over the place, business that had maybe three sales, which were all people we knew. I started this business with my friend, and it went nowhere fast. But I learned so much from that first failure, and the next time I did better. I still failed again, but this time I went over a year before I gave up on my business and deem it a loss.

Fast forward to today, now I am running, not one, but two successful businesses, and I am helping other business owners avoid making the same mistakes I made when I first started. The first of which was believing that my business had to be an overnight success to be successful. I stopped believing the lie that overnight success was the only way. I not only accepted but embraced the process of progress and more importantly consistency in my business. Everyone always says that slow progress is still progress, and it’s true. The point is not to reach all your goals overnight, the point is to reach your goals in a way that is sustainable for your business and your lifestyle.

What’s the truth about overnight success? It doesn’t exist! It rarely comes overnight, and if it does, I bet there’s a backstory you know nothing about. Patience is the real overnight success story! It takes time and consistency to build success. Time to build your brand, forge relationships, become an expert in your craft and show the world that’s who you are. You have to show up consistently in all areas of your business, the front end and the back end. When someone calls you an overnight success, make sure you don’t continue to sell them the lie of overnight success by allowing them to believe that you didn’t overcome obstacles to build the dream life you have today!

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